E Arenas
É Arenas_ Photo Credit Lorena Endara 2.jpg

Chicano Batman bassist, É Arenas went solo in 2016

and there isn’t a single genre that his band won’t

touch: funk, corridos, samba, avante-garde, cumbia,

slow-jams… É Arenas took 6 years to complete self-

produced debut album, Nariz. It is an experimental and

intimate rhythmic exploration of the senses. In 2017, É

Arenas released a dance single, Buñuelos a Monton,

which made KCRW’s Pan Caliente: Favorite Christmas

Songs list in addition to Billboard’s top 2017 Latin

Holiday Song playlist. He recently dropped a dance

machine 45 vinyl entitled Mar Iguana, and released its

music video on 4/20. The band is actively sketching out

more dance tracks and planning for another 45 record

release due this summer, followed by a full length

album in the fall. His live performances are infectious,

leaving people feeling unsure whether they should

stare, cry, laugh, or dance to the rhythmic trances.