El Santo Golpe

Traditional music from the many regions of "Latino-

America" are at the root of our musical expressions. 

Most, if not all of these regions, have been affected by

the different types of music that were introduced by

many regions across the world creating a mix of all

these cultures. This music from our upbringing holds a

special place in our memories and with groups like El

Santo Golpe it is taking a new form that will be sure

to be loved by generations to come.


El Santo Golpe is a group from Riverside, California

that originated in 2016. This musical project was

created with the vision of bringing an original sound to

the fun world of "afro-latin" music.


Influenced by the different artistic and musical

experiences in their lives, a group of close friends and

family decided to create this project, where they

would fuse the sounds of Cumbia, Son Jarocho,

Garifuna, African Drum Beats, Poetry, Folkloric Dance

and much more in their music, in order to bring the fun

world of El Santo Golpe.