Tatiana Hazel

Tatiana Hazel is a singer, songwriter, producer, and

fashion designer from the west side of Chicago. At the

age of 11 Tatiana taught herself to play guitar and she

has been writing her own songs ever since. When she

was 13 years old she started a Youtube channel where

she would go on to develop a following by posting

videos of herself performing original songs over her

acoustic guitar. Tatiana put her Youtube channel on

hold when she began attending Columbia College

Chicago. During her time at Columbia, the singer

taught herself how to produce music and dropped out

of school after one year in order to pursue her music

career. After releasing her first ever Spanish single

“Dimelo” Tatiana was discovered by Latin news

publication, Remezcla, who would go on to list Tatiana

as the number one artist to listen to on their Nuevo

Noise Spotify playlist. Tatiana followed up the success

of “Dimelo” by releasing another self-produced Spanish

language single, “No Me Encuentras”. After the release

of her second single, Tatiana was discovered by Apple

Music and was invited to play her new material at the

Apple Music offices in Los Angeles. Tatiana is currently

working on releasing her debut EP, TOXIC.