Mateo Arias aka ¿Téo? is an American singer, musician,

and actor.


Born on October 31, 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia, 

The son of two Colombian parents & younger brother of

actor Moises Arias. Like his brother, he was brought up

bilingual and is fluent in both Spanish & English. 


In addition to his acting talent, he started producing

on his own when he was 10 years old and since then,

has developed a kind of genre fluidity that pulls

inspiration from genres such as Bossa-Nova, Hip-Hop,

Classical, and Alternative. 


His most notable musical works include Uno Dos (feat.

Jaden Smith), Palm Trees, Hágale and his most recent

single, Américano. This diverse catalogue of music has

begun to make him known in the music industry as what

he refers to as a “Neo-American.” With a short musical

career, ¿Téo? has already begun to cross borders, since

several of his recordings contain the Latin essence

that he carries in his blood.


His highly anticipated debut album will be releasing on

August 10th.